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Air Quality Mapping

Diffusion Tube Map

Approximate locations of diffusion tubes are indicated by red triangles. By clicking on the "info" button followed by the specific triangle it is possible to review any diffusion tube monitoring data collected since 2002. This process can be used in the assessment of local air quality trends over a period of time and is refreshed on an annual basis.

Modelled Map

This map was produced using advanced dispersion modelling techniques to predict areas of poor air quality in Dudley in 2014 based upon the latest available datasets at that time. A key to the colours is provided at the bottom of this page, and any areas highlighted on the map indicate where there may be possible exceedences of the current nitrogen dioxide objective or limit values. This map cannot be inspected using the "info" button.

Due to the inherent inaccuracies associated with dispersion modelling techniques, this map should be used for guidance purposes only. Note also that it applies to Dudley Borough only. Air pollution is likely to vary from year to year and will be influenced by a whole range of factors including geographical setting, climate, local traffic conditions and age and make-up of the local vehicle fleet. Some areas of poor air quality may be caused by short term issues or may be too small to be shown on this map. For this reason, it is recommended that any evaluation of local air quality includes consideration of the monitored nitrogen dioxide values. The diffusion tube map contains monitoring data from 2002 onwards for a range of locations in Dudley and is updated on an annual basis. This latter data should be used as a more accurate guide to local air quality in Dudley.