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Landfill Information

The map below shows the locations of closed landfill sites held in the Council's records. For these sites you can also view an associated datasheet, which gives more information about that particular landfill site.
Recorded landfill sites are shown as red-shaded areas with blue borders. Clicking within the red shading will call up the name of the landfill. You can then view the information held for each landfill by clicking on the information sheet hyperlink.

What landfill site records are held on this database?

The landfill sites shown on this database are those for which Dudley Council holds records. Broadly, the records held fall into the following categories:

  • Historically recorded and/or regulated landfills: Historically, some waste disposal activities were recorded and monitored and we hold some records for certain historical landfill sites within the Dudley Borough. Generally, however, little information is held on historical landfill sites, as there were few controls on waste disposal activities at this time.
  • Refuse Tips: The locations of refuse tips have been identified from examining historical maps. Usually, little further information is held on historical landfill sites, as there were few controls on waste disposal activities at this time.
  • COPA licensed landfill sites: In 1974 the Control of Pollution Act (COPA) 1974 was introduced to tighten the control and regulation of waste disposal sites and provided the first waste disposal licensing regime. Broadly, the Council holds records for sites that were licensed under this act.

The Council only holds records for historical and closed landfill sites. For information about operating and modern landfill sites, you should contact the Environment Agency: You should also be mindful of disclaimers given regarding the accuracy of the information provided.

Tips on using the map

  1. Enter a postcode or the first line of an address in the Borough, click the Go button or wait for the picklist to appear, then select the address you require. The map will zoom to that location.
  2. Use Search For - Locations to find streets within the Borough. Results will be listed below the map; click on the link to zoom to that location.
  3. You can also use Search For - Landfill Sites to find particular sites if you know the reference number. Results will be listed below the map.
  4. Use Find Nearest to search for landfill sites near to the last selected address or location. If you haven't selected an address or location the search will be from the centre of the Borough.
  5. Find Nearest and Search For results will be displayed on the map and cross-referenced to item attributes listed below the map.
  6. Click on landfill sites displayed on the map to view attributes and links to further information.